How do I change the ring tone?

1) Click top left button (This is the option/select/ok button)

2) Scroll up & down using arrow keys in center

3) Select Settings by clicking the opt/sel key (top left button)

4) Continue to select Profiles: General: Customize: Ringtone

5) Select Ring tone 1 and a drop down list will appear

6) Each ring tone will sound as you scroll through using the arrow keys

7) Click 'select' to choose a ring tone and save it

8) SAVED will appear on your screen


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    i have tried doing that still its set to the default tone 1. it changes when taken off bluetooth. is it one of the feature or there is something wrong with the phone

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    Courtney Raschdorf

    Hi Saurabhdutt,

    When using The Brick in Bluetooth mode, the ring tone for an incoming call can not be set or changed within the Brick. When used with an iPhone The Brick will follow and use the iPhone ring tone. When used with Android, the ring is fixed as the Brick internal ring tone and can not be changed.
    Thanks for your question,

    Brick Support Team

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