How do I use it as a Bluetooth handset?


When you link The Brick with Bluetooth to another mobile phone you can use it as Bluetooth handset. You can dial out, look at the contacts, call logs or play music from you connected mobile.

To link you mobile device:

• Press Menu then Up/Down and OK to go to BT Dialer and OK to select.

Note: In standby, press Right soft key, you can also connect BT Dialer.

• Press OK to enter search menu.

• Press OK again to start seach.

• After finished search your smartphone should be found at below.

• Press down to your smartphone.

• Press left soft key "Pair".

• There is confirmation screen with passcode, Enter the same passcode on both Brick and Smartphone or enter the diplayed passcode of your mobile on The brick..

• Press "Yes" to confirm.




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