Using the BT Phonebook


BT Phonebook

Once you connected Bluetooth by BT Dialer, then In idle mode:

Press Menu, then OK to Phonebook, there will display the BT Phonebook Interface.

• Press LINK to connected Bluetooth device by BT Dialer, when connect success, you can use BT Phonebook, there will loading phonebook contacts the devices your Bluetooth connected to.

• Up / Down to the contacts you want to, then press LSK to view contact, then select OPT, then select BT call, you can make a BT call to the contact you have selected .

You can save the contact to your own local Phonebook.

You can switch interface between local and BT phonebook by pressing digital 1 / 3 in the phonebook interface.


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    I'm getting a "Currently Not Available" message when I try to connect to the BT Phonebook. Using an HTC M8 and am successfully paired. Any suggestions on what do do next in order to access the phonebook from my smartphone while using the bluetooth feature?

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    Bhtf vesper

    Same here, I get that message paired to an iPhone. I can dial directly on the brick, just not use a phone book entry, whether local or BT

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