Install the SIM card, Micro SD card and Battery


• Switch off the phone, disconnect the power adaptor

• To remove the back cover, slide the back cover down, and then lift the cover off.

• Open the SIM holder by pushing the metal part to the right and lifting it up.

• Carefully slide the SIM card into the holder with the gold connectors face down. Close the SIM card holder by pressing down the metal part and slide it to the left until you hear a click.

• Replace the battery by aligning the gold connectors on the battery with those on the phone and push the top of the battery down until it clicks into place.

• If you want to install a micro SD memory card open the SD card holder by sliding the sliding the metal part to the left. Put the micro SD card and close the card holder.

• Replace the back cover by placing it flat on the back of the handset and pushing up until it clicks into place












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